Unsatisfied with existing wood cases, Ben spent an evening in the wood shop of Carnegie Mellon University’s architecture school and created a case for his new iPhone 5. Over the course of six months, the original design was extensively revised, tested, and revised again, and word spread from friends and family to the internet. After seeing the demand for a sustainable product made from local and natural materials, Saks founded KerfCase in 2013 and began the process of making cases at scale.

In 2015, KerfCase grew too large to operate without a dedicated space of their own. The company moved to its current home at the former Mine Safety Appliances building, a converted factory which houses over 30 artists, startups, and small businesses. With space to grow, Ben acquired a full suite of specialty machines and hired a small team. The design and development of new and exciting ways to make wooden iPhone cases became our company mission, and in 2017 we expanded our lineup to include the brand-new Google Pixel. Along the way we’ve expanded our product offering to include card wallets, pencil cases, and anything that can be made with our tools (hint: a lot).

Cherry Live Edge iPhone 5 Case