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  • Type Furniture, Model Making, Woodworking, Luithry

Maple Bowl 2012

2009 : Uptown Bookcase

Reclaimed wood salvaged from houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina

Uptown Bookcase Detail

2009 : Custom bamboo fence, Berkeley CA

2009 : Redwood Table, rough sawn redwood. Berkeley CA : detail

2008 : Architectural Model, commission work for Atelier V Architecture

2007 : Maple Root Burl

2007 : Bill lighting the Solar Decathlon model for a photo shoot

2006 : Pittsburgh Society of Contemporary Craft
Jewelry Shop

custom tool storage solutions

2005 : 1/8"=1' scale model of pool roof structure. Spruce, basswood, birch plywood, acrylic

2005 : Cantilever Maple Table

Hand carved legs mortised and tenon joined with a tapered top

2004 : Portable Bench for Two People

Disassembled Bench

2004 : balsa case study #13